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A website or link catalogue is a list of websites or a link catalogue. This means that it is a directory on the World Wide Web, or part of it, the World Wide Web. Historically, lists mostly contain information about individuals or companies and their contact details and are still used. The internet catalogue contains elements about the websites, including links to those websites, divided into categories and subcategories. In addition to a link, each application can also contain the title of a website and a description of its content. In most web directories, the data is entered on entire web pages instead of on individual pages (so-called deeplinks). Websites are often limited to including multiple categories.

There are two ways to search for information on the Internet: search or browse. Web directories contain links in a structured list for easy browsing. Many web directories combine search and browsing, allowing a search engine to search in the directory. Unlike search engines, which are based on a database of data that is automatically collected by web browsers, most web directories are created manually by editors. Many web directories allow website owners to submit their websites for inclusion, and publishers to review fitness items.

Internet directories may be general in scope or limited to certain topics or areas. Subscriptions can be redeemed free of charge or against payment (e.g. the site owner must pay for the site).

RSS directories are similar to web directories, but contain RSS feed collections, not links to websites.