Best websites for the internet

The keyword here is ‘internet’. We’re looking for the best websites on the internet. Let’s take a look at how awesome they are!

Bleacher Report: Bleacher Report is one of the best sports sites on the Internet. Period. So it’s no surprise that her ESPORTS page contains an evolving feed of news, videos, tweets and more.

Dot Dot Esports: A daily news feed with the most popular ESPORTS games, as well as news about video games, professional player profiles and original features.

ESL GAMING: News and opinions about the latest events in the ESL game and much more.

ESPN ESPORTS: One of the largest sports facilities in the world also includes one of the largest teams of authors and ESPORTS staff.

ESPORTS HAVEN: News and original ideas give you an insight into the world of ESPORTS.

ESPORTS OBSERVER : This site features a wealth of commercial news from the ESPORTS sector.

GAMURS: With original articles, news and more, as well as live results and updates from the last tournaments.

GOSU PLAYERS: All news, results and rankings, including insider and team profiles.

KOTAKU ESPORTS: Kotaku is one of the first video game sites on the web, but also one of the best sites of ESPORTS.

LAZY GAMER: A regularly updated feed of ESPORTS articles, game reviews, technology news and more.

MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING: One of the biggest names in the EXPORT.

PC GAMER PRO: A detailed look at ESPORTS from the perspective of PC gamers.

PVP LIVE: covers all aspects of the ESPORTS world, including the activities and culture of the sector.

RED BULL ESPORTS: Red Bull is at the forefront of the phenomenon of competitive games. Your EXPORT page contains all the big stories.

REDDIT: Stories and conversations down to the last detail thanks to the hardcore video game and the ESPORTS fans.

REDDIT ESPORTS NEWS: Additional content for the ESPORTS of the “first website”.

BESTESPORTS.CO.UK: Widely used as one of the leading esports shops web destinations in the world.